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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a woman inside was injured. and not far away one of the walls collapsed at a nearby cheerleading facility. 30 people were in that building at the time. >> the most significant damage was a building structure here principally of concrete block. there was a cheerleading group in there having practice when the building collapsed. mile an hour rack lawsly they -- miraculously they all made it out. there were seven with minor injuries. four were transported to mary washington hospital. basic life support with nonlife threatening injuries and there were three refusals. behind me you'll see a damaged home and the refuse that's on top of it came from a structure that was destroyed. there was a gentleman inside the home he denied any injury. starting out on route 1, the very first buildings in almost a straight line, all of them sustained some damage.
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mostly roof but the block structure of course collapsed. >> we noticed the hail first so it was big hail, golf bull size hail. the light started to flicker. the kids were on the floor practicing. so we have a spring floor main room and some rooms off to the side of it. we told the kids to sit in the middle of the floor while the powerrous out. then we saw the rain and it was coming side ways. the hail was really bad. then the rain was -- you couldn't even see outside. then it was completely sideways. it was really, really bad. last night's storms had a number of people worried more power outages were on the way. not what they wanted to deal with after many had just gotten power back after the last storm. >> exhausting. we talked with some families in montgomery county who had hoped for the best with you were preparing to be in the dark again. >> reporter: out of state crews working for pepco are still
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here from last week's storms. they're hopping from one job to the next as soon as they restore power, other heat- related outages pop up. >> our power went off around 10:30. >> reporter: peter was fortunately -- fortunate to get his lights back on but weakened trees fell on some power lines. >> it had been on all week so we were lucky. >> reporter: in bethesda, out alleges are sporadic and so is restoration. >> i'm still not too worried. i think they've cleared up most of the mess. >> reporter: he may not be concerned about the power. >> the out alleges are getting more frequent. >> reporter: but -- outages are getting more frequent. >> reporter: but grace is not so confident. >> i'm not sure it will stay on. >> reporter: they just got their power back on friday. >> it complicated things greatly because he's disabled and the effects of the storm and the lack of air conditioning and just the facilities was really quite difficult, quite hard. he was suffering. >> reporter: they live in the same neighborhood as peter and
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got a break when they didn't lose power this morning but the threat of severe weather could change that. >> very worried. i am. we'll watch the news and see what's coming. i checked my computer to see how things are looking and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: when the wind and storm hit, we have to keep our fingers crossed. gl. >> reporter: power is back on in the neighborhood but the work to keep it on is far from over. >> if you have a pile of storm debris and live in montgomery county, you are in luck. the county is planning a county wide pickup on wednesday, this wednesday, july 11, the crews are going to visit all of the county's 217 snowplow routes and then pick up debris along those routes. make sure the limbs and branches do not block sidewalks or driveways or roads. you can continue putting the debris in trash cans or you can drop it off at the shady grove processing facility and transfer station in durwood,
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maryland. in the district three people are dead after a violent weekend. just after 10:30 saturday night two men were shot, one of them fatally in the 1700 block of 7th street northwest. 30-yard michael edward jones of northwest was pronounced dead at the scene. so far no arrests have been made. also saturday night, one man was killed another wounded in a stabbing in northeast d.c. it happened in the 5300 block of aims street. 20-year-old charles anthony smith was killed. just after midnight saturday morning, 20-year-old devon brown of southeast was shot to death. another man was injured. this happened in the 1700 block of gall -- galen street in northeast. if you ride the green line on metro, be prepared for a slower commute than normal this morning. service between fort totten and prince george's plaza stops was closed but the trains are only
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single tracking. green line passengers need to allow an extra 15 to 20 minutes of travel time this morning. at 4:35, here's a look at some other news making news now. 16 civilians and five afghan policemen were killed sunday. the civilians included women and children killed in three blasts near afghanistan's border with pakistan. more than 225 nato service members have been killed this year. kofi annan made a surprise visit to syria to meet with president bashar al-assad. assad said he has no plans to step down or ever leave his
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country. a public standoff of power is currently under way in egypt. the country's newly sworn in president is fighting to take control of the country away from the nation's military general who have ruled the country since hosni mubarak stepped down more than a year ago. so far it appears the military has no intention of relinquishing power to anyone. 4:36 now. oscar winning actor ernest borgnine has died. he was 95. >> manuel gallegus takes a look back at borgnine's life and career which spanned nearly seven decades. >> reporter: ernest borgnine owes his fame with baby boomers to mcheal's navy but his career took off when he was cast as another military man in 1953's "from here on eternity."
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>> anybody steps in here, i give it to them first. >> reporter: it led to numerous supporting roles but playing against type one borgnine -- won borgnine a 1955 academy award for best actor. >> i've been looking for a girl every saturday night of my life. i'm 34 years old. i'm tired of looking. >> reporter: the film depicts 36 hours in the life of marty poletti, a shy and sensitive bronx butcher, a middle age son who still lives with his mother. >> sooner or later there comes a point in a man's life when he has to face some facts. one fact i have to face is whatever woman want, i ain't got it. >> reporter: he was married five times, including a 38-day marriage to ethel merman. he is survived by his fifth wife cosmetics entrepreneur tova borgnine and three adult children. manuel gallegus, cbs news. time 4:37. coming up at 4:40, howard will
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let us know how cool we should actually expect to be today. that sounds nice. >> cool is relative. you're advised to check your computer for any computer viruses and we'll tell you why at 4:41. this weekend's extreme heat is going to cause a number of you to have a slow commute this morning. we'll explain why at 4:49. we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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it is 4:40 on this wednesday monday morning. we have numerous showers and thunderstorms out there. nothing severe. go have a flood warning in frederick county till 5:45 this morning. showers and storms will be tapering off later this morning. maybe a lingering shower midday. partly sunny with highs in the mid to possibly upper 80s. we can handle that i'll be back with the seven-day forecast in
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seven minutes. here's monika with time saver traffic. a huge tree has fallen across the gw parkway northbound. it's blocked before the parkway. park police are on the scene. i'll have more on that and a situation on route 50 in maryland at 4:47. it is now time for the first your money segment ever the morning. >> the lovely jessica doyle is here. good morning. >> good morning to both of you. wall street hoping to turn things around today. we'll see, though, after a disappointing jobs report on friday. in trading so far today, asian stocks have been falling. u.s. stocks lower. friday's loss is basically wiped out gains for the week. checks the numbers now, the dow stands a the 12,772. dropped 124 points. the nasdaq was off by 39 and the s&p 500 was down by 13 points. as for those numbers, businesses added 80,000 jobs in june. that was less than expected. the unemployment rate remains
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at 8.2%. 14 states have unemployment rates below the national average and thanks for an oil drilling boom, that's why north dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. just 3%. nebraska is second at 3.9% and then comes south dakota at 4.3% followed by vermont at 4.6%. if you wake up to find your computer isn't working this morning, you might be the victim of a malicious computer virus. the government took control about a year ago and was keeping those computers going on backup servers but pulled the plug this morning. if your screen went dark, you're going to need to call your service providetory get it back online. it turned out to be a very expensive program for the government to keep the servers going so that's why they stopped it. more and more you may have seen them around or seen them in the mall and other places. more and more smokers are turning to the e-cigarettes to help them kick the habit. >> but there are some things federal health officials say you should know before you try
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them. >> that story and your weather first when we come back this two minutes.
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grz good morning. welcome back to 9news now. relief is on your doorstep. here's howard. lightning and thunder in many people's backyards. that has more people watching than normal that would be sleeping this hour. we've had an active overnight. go have one flash flood warning up across nedrick county still 5 -- frederick county till 5:45. other than that, there's nothing severe at the moment even though it's kind of loud in spots. here's a look at the day planner. we'll start you off with that. the showers and storms for a few more hours. even through 9:00. can't rule out we'll have consume of showers left over. i think after 7:00 a.m., things start to wind down. 84. still mostly cloudy. then some sunshine mixes in this afternoon. it will get us through the high of 87 degrees at 5:00 p.m.
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winds all day northeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. that is a much cooler direction for us. that's why we'll be in the 80s, not the low 100s. you can see the showers and storms this morning across maryland, northern virginia, right through the district here going all the way to the delmarva. we'll zoom in. got the lightning on top of t. also clusters of intense lightning. we've seen it up north here from frederick into northern montgomery and howard counties. we see a little down to the south as well. we'll show you the active areas right now with lightning and thunder in around the mount airy neighborhood there, eastern frederick coming into howard county and carroll county as well. here's howard county. lots of heavier rains from olney east. another batch of heavier rain from poolesville to germantown. northern loudoun into southern frederick county. this actually stretches all the way in toward jefferson county, west virginia, cross junction, northern frederick county, virginia all moving to the east and a little bit of lightning at 5:22 near the virginia-west
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virginia border. another stop taking us to huntington county. south of dunkirk, north of prince frederick. even coming out of harrisonburg, culpeper, make fauquier -- maybe fauquier county, orange, you'll see some of that as well. temperatures this morning still warm. they're not in the 80s but the 70s. we'll have highs in the 80s the entire week. right now still wet out there on our michael & son weather camera. 75 at national with a northeast wind at 15. dew point 72. so it is still rather muggy with the rain around. we're seeing a lot of showers and storms stretching from missouri actually to nebraska right through the ohio and ten valleys. -- tennessee valleys. that's the front that came through here and will continue to come through. we'll have the showers and storms with us for a few more hours this morning but looks like the better chance this afternoon will be south of d.c. so the yellow alert today just for the morning thunderstorms 87.
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tomorrow 86 after dipping into the 60s and 70s tonight. green alerts tuesday and wednesday. there could be a storm or to tomorrow mainly south of town. wednesday looks final, 87. third 88. more thunderstorms as -- thursday 88. more thunderstorms as we head towards the weekend, highs in the 80s. it is monday morning. good morning, everybody. first of all if you're planning to head southbound on the gw parkway, you're going to be fine but northbound right before the spout run parkway, we're being told there is a large tree across the roadway and they are not letting you get through in the northbound lanes of the gw parkway. also no access from the memorial circle to get on to the northbound gw parkway as well. so you'll definitely want to choose an alternate route to get around this. again southbound for your rush hour commute, the lanes remain open. i'll keep you posted on that situation. let's go to springfield on the northbound side of i-95. this is looking great. no problems to report as you come up from dumfries right now but i think the volume is going
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to increase quickly as people try and head out the door to deal with the wet road conditions and head to work early this morning. let's go back over to our maps this time to 270 on the southbound side. no problems out of frederick as you head to clarksburg but southbound route 109 before route 28, it is shut down as well with some emergency road repairs so be aware of that. on the southbound side of route 109 we'll take a live look closer into germantown. southbound 270 just wet but still wet at father hurley boulevard to the point where the rains divide. i'lli'll be back with more traffic but if your morning commute takes ow to route 50 near 197 by annapolis, you might want to make other travel arrangements. the state highway administration says part of the road is buck himmed because of the extreme heat and that -- buckled because of the extreme heat and forced the closure of three of the four northbound lanes. we'll keep you posted on that one as well. back to you. >> thank you, monika. millions of americans have
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used those electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco. advocates say they're safe and effective. >> but the food and drug administration and antismoking groups say e-cigarettes could also be hazardous to your health. >> reporter: justin king enjoy as puff on his lunch break but he's not smoking regular cigarettes anymore. he's using electronic cigarettes which he says helped him kick his 18-year addiction. >> i wasn't feeling good. i was overweight. i was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. >> reporter: these are battery operated devices some of which turn nicotine into a vapor that's inhaled instead of smoke. a recent study found it helped smokers cut the number of cigarettes they smoked in half and many kicked the habit completely. >> i think can could be a revolutionary tool in terms of -- from a public health perspective. >> reporter: but not everyone is convinced. some groups say more research is needed into the potential
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risks of e-cigarettes. concerned that they contain chemicals that are toxic and could cause cancer. >> you should not inhale something into your lungs till it is proven to be safe. >> reporter: hundreds of websites sell e-cigarettes with a variety of flavor cartridges. groups like the american lung association are also worried they could be adifficultive or serve as a -- addictive or serve as an avenue to other tobacco products. >> we need to know what the impact on health is. >> reporter: manufacturers insist e-cigarettes are a healthy alternative to smoking without the health risks. for king it wassen easy choice. -- was an easy choice. you think it saved your life? >> i think it did. >> reporter: he says e- cigarettes have helped him breathe easier. >> the fda says it intends to propose a regulation so the agency can regulate e- cigarettes the way it does
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other tobacco products. several states have banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. the number of people infected with the human papilloma virus is going down dramatically. the hpv vaccine is the reason according to a new study. doctors at cincinnati children's hospital say infections dropped 69% in vaccinated women and 49% in unvaccinated women. researchers say this is the first study to show the so- called herd protection technique which happens when a large number of people are immunized against a contagious disease. new treatments could be on the way for skin cancer soon. boston researchers gave mice with melanoma a cell called th9 and it kept cancer from growing. melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. doctors say studies involving th9 now need to be done on people. pets my actually improve a
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child's health. there's a new study that finds babies who spend time around a dog or cat within the first year of life tend to be healthier and have fewer respect story problems and infections. doctors believe early exposure to animals can help string then the -- strengthen the young immune system and help them fight viruses off better. some of you are probably wondering why the question of the morning isn't on our facebook page this morning. >> that's because we're having technical deductties getting it posted. here's the question. a survey suggests this is the first thing a man notices about a woman. is it a, her smile, b, eyes, or c, walk. >> yeah. log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. make sure to put question of the morning as your title to your post.
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we'll be back.
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welcome back. 4:56. your weather first on this wet monday morning. in some cases it's been a loud overnight with the lightning and thunder that's been going. still a threat for a few storms here as we go into the morning hours but by lunch time things should get a little better. just an isolated shower or storm. this afternoon partly sunny with highs in the mid- to upper 80s. lingering storm possible south of d.c. if you're planning to use the gw parkway, you might want to reconsider on the northbound side it is closed approaching the spout run parkway with a large tree down. no access from the roosevelt bridge or memorial circle. i'll give you alternate routes coming up in my next report at 5:01. 4:56 now. congressman barney frank married his long time partner this wfnlgt the massachusetts
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democrat became the first sitting u.s. congressman to be involved in a same-sex marriage. the couple exchanged vows at a suburban boston hotel before family and friends. former house speaker nancy pelosi was there. elizabeth warren was as well. and some of frank's fellow congressmen also attended. >> i think it's a great day for this country to recognize the civil ceremony, the wedding ceremony. he and his partner have been together for some time. this is an opportunity for them to do what so many others have been free to do for years and years in this country. >> for those of us who have known barney for a long time and consider him a treasured friend, this is just a day to celebrate. this is a wonderful marriage and two great people and so i'm just thrilled to be here. >> the 72-year-old frank has an -- has been openly gay as a congressman since the 1980s. he met the 42-year-old ready at a political fund-raiser in
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2007. the amazing -- digital album sales continue to drive the music industry. teresa garcia has more at this look at entertainment. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: she is back on the big screen in union square. she plays the estranged sister. most of the 16-hour days of filming were shot in a one-room apartment in new york city. >> emotionally it's draining but the reward is in seeing what we actually created which is a beautiful, funny, dramatic film. >> reporter: union square opens fire in limited release. sales of digital albums are helping boost the music industry. they're up 13% for the first half of this year. the top online seller so far for 2012 is adele's "21" which also claimed the title of most sales in one week but the overall numbers are not very
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positive for the music industry. total album sales are down slightly from last year. american reunion comes out on dvd and blu ray tomorrow. the cast of "american pie" is reunited for a high school reunion, including allison hannign. robert deniro plays a homeless man also out on dvd tomorrow. after losing his job as a writer, his character finds himself in a homeless shelter face to face with the son he abandoned. >> i always thought you would end up a writer like your old man. >> i do write. sometimes i try. >> reporter: that's your eye on entertainment. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. here's hoping it's quiet this morning at your house because it sure wasn't overnight in many places. i'm mike hydeck. happy monday. good morning, monika samtani. >> not so happy for commuters. >> metro, the roads, the whole